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Kids 4 Wheeler ATV DIY 3S Battery
Hi guys
This is my first attemp to do a DIY 18650 pack "this big" Big Grin  and I will use it on my nephew Battery ATV

So, here is a pic of the old 4 wheeler ( I know... I have to clean it first Big Grin)

[Image: a4xqUWj.jpg]

Already has a couple years and the original 12v 7.2A battery it's dead so I decied to make a new one using the 18650 that I got from some old laptop batteries.

My 18650 collection ( I know it's small but it's enough for my DIY projects Big Grin )

[Image: m2nP3VV.jpg]

I used the "Pack Builder" from this website to organize my packs, and decide to make it 3S6P and I will test it to see the range and autonomy, and if it's not enought I will change it to 3S7P but I have to test it later.

[Image: dxxK5AG.jpg]

Time to build and solder it!

[Image: Ee6tMoz.jpg]

[Image: DDWAiHM.jpg]

To make the connections between the pack I used nickel strip from aliexpress and it seems to work just fine.
Just put some flux on each cell, Iron with 350ºC and apply some solder tin.
It's easier if you use a tweezer to apply some preassure on the nickel strip so it won't come off from the solder point

[Image: 7wI8Zw5.jpg]

[Image: ymfSjtE.jpg]

[Image: yKuwZ3g.jpg]

And it's done for some tests

[Image: UfsHcgd.jpg]

[Image: hBsDfXU.jpg]

Time to charge it
I charge for this first time with only 2A just for safety Angel 

[Image: YlLjDpa.jpg]

The pack IR, it's fine or what do you think? Huh 

[Image: 9qYYbdY.jpg]

Today I will test it to see how it handles the discharge from the ATV, and I really hope it holds charge for some time lol
I will post some pics of the pack inside the ATV and will share the results later Wink
Good work m8.

Ir Seem to be normal when you have this amount of cells.
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So, first test done and the battery works great!

[Image: AZJ2cwU.jpg]

[Image: WzexSx2.jpg]

My nephew run it for abount 15min non stop, climbing the road, down the road, on the grass, etc and after the 15min run the min voltage I saw on the battery alarm was 3.4v, so it should have juice for about 20/25min with my younger nephew Smile 

After 15min run and about 30min rest:

[Image: c1a7ZSU.jpg]

1st cell
[Image: QjWZTbF.jpg]

2nd cell
[Image: 36KeCxt.jpg]

3rd cell
[Image: 0jqJ8uO.jpg]

Now I just have to add a longer cable to the XT60 and add some heatshrink.

btw anyone knows what this red thing is?

[Image: 22215272_713117395561163_632756243_n.jpg...e=59D70B24]

Some friends told me that i'ts an old fuse, another friend told me it's a temperature fuse or something but idk...
it's safe to remove this and make a direct connection? because without this I can make a cleaner build
My guess is a polyfuse. Are there any numbers or markings on it?
(10-04-2017, 11:47 AM)Geek Wrote: My guess is a polyfuse. Are there any numbers or markings on it?

yes, only the ones that you can see on the picture - 6507021
already googled it but found nothing Undecided
(10-04-2017, 01:04 PM)arierep60 Wrote:
(10-04-2017, 11:47 AM)Geek Wrote: My guess is a polyfuse. Are there any numbers or markings on it?

yes, only the ones that you can see on the picture - 6507021
already googled it but found nothing Undecided

I didn't see the number last night, was reading on my phone. Googled it myself... Nothing. I can only guess some kind of fuse. I can't see that it would have any other function.
I will try to remove it and use the ATV without it, I think it will work just fine lol

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