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Korishan's Powerwall
Well, looks like I'm finaly gonna be able to create my own thread here   Big Grin

Ok, here's what I have so far. I don't have all my electronics in yet, but I did do a quick test on the cells voltage. Most cells were 1.8v and above. Several were 3.1v and up.

Here's some pics of the cells I've gotten. I'll do a lot more testing when I get the rest of my gear in.

The last set of cells to the right, 4 green and 2 blue, were at .99v or lower. So I decided to immediately segregate them at the get go.

So here's the break down of each type:

From left to right
Sony - US18650GR x8 Green
Sanyo - UR18650Y L47C x6 Red
Sony - US18650GR x4
Samsung - ICR18650-26FU x6 Pink
Sony - US18650GR x4 Green
 - CGR18650 CE x6 Light Green
Samsung - ICR18650-22F x6 Teal
 - CLICR18650 x4 Blue
 - LGDP218650 x4 Dark Pink
 - HJIFJT6 059345 x8 Red

So, watcha think?
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Nice! You'll probably find the pink and the light green ones the best!
Alrighty, here's the 220lb load. This is the first video. Well, my first video ever.  Please be nice   Tongue

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You sir just got a new subscriber
everyone has had a first video, keep up the awesome work and keep us informed i'd love to see your progress.
I was wondering who the subscriber was :p

Thanks, I'll be doing the best at keeping the channel up-to-date.
Subbed - DON"T LET ME DOWN hahahah
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LOL I will try not to disappoint. You, or anyone else. or even myself Wink
Update! Cool

Decided to start doing some of the brute force tonight. I think, afterwards, the brute work was done on my hands. That plastic is rough.

Came across several types of cells. Even have some Panasonic ones in there.  No testing was done at this time, just breakdown.

I wondered what those were too.
I thought a fuse but still not sure
Smaller green ones - fusible resistors or solderable fuses (must read what's on them), bigger ones - thermal fuses.
Both are called "low level fire safety".

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