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Laptop Powered E-Bike
Yay, more video:

Seems the motor and battery are the vast majority of the work on this bike. I'm back on the motor, fitting a freewheel cartridge and a roller bearing. Also a couple miscellaneous things. I've actually got a lot more footage to go through. I intended to make a final motor video ending with it on the bike and running, but that would have been way too long. But I'll give you a spoiler: The motor is on the bike and it (mostly) works! Smile
-Mike G
Finally got the motor on the bike!

-Mike G
Finally got all the wires soldered and hot-glued onto the battery!
Not nearly done with soldering yet, but now I can put this guy in a protective box.

Now that I have a balance cable, I can check how the BMS is doing at balancing the series. Seems to be doing nothing, unfortunately. Oh well...
Anyway, I'll get some photos up when I get the battery in a photogenic place. Very excited to have this milestone complete!  Smile
-Mike G

Right side.

Left side.
-Mike G
The headlight is on the bike now. I painted the battery holder black. Not pictured is the bracket I made to hold it still.
-Mike G

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