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LiFe P04wall
Lifepo4 cells recovered from electric bikes or 12v batteries 

Tested and tested with OPUS 0.5A 
Cells with Ah between 0.9 and 1.6. 
Average well above 1Ah but will be considered as such. 
Nominal voltage : 3.2V 
Full charge voltage 3.65V 
Set maximum effective charge voltage 3.5V 

Inverter 24V 
Charge controller for lead (very lead-like curves) 24V 

Test system : 
Balanced charging with ISDT T8 loader/bms 

Discharge with inverter and 250w sampling to verify the yield of the system in "average" conditions 

1S balancer on single series with discharge of 1.6A max at 3.6V 

In test also 16S balancer (in case of 48V) that will be used at 8S only. 

Future test of a real BMS with lower balancing currents but completely "different" parameters. Maximum charge and discharge 20A. 

Accumulator configuration : 8 Series 80 Parallel (8S16P5P) 

The parallels are made by spot welding 5 cells with cheap welding machine bought in Germany. 

Each parallel packet has a fuse on the positive, which in case of absorption/erogation of more than 3A jumps (fastblow) 

S are mixed together with the parallel of the 16 blocks of 5 cells. 

To do:  8 packs like this  when time will allow. 

Accumulated energy : 
80ah x 25.6V = 2048 Wh 
Maximum project peak : 
3A * 16 *25.5V = 1.22 Kwp 
Expected peak at full speed for each package : 
3000w / 8 = 375w 

Holder 4x 18650 =32 pieces 
Fuses 3A = 144 pieces 
Cable 4 Msq = at will 
Nickel strip : 30 meters 
Hours : various 

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Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 1400 cells growing


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