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MGPTWEGB Array Frame Build with panels
Well with my 15s 200P 18650 battery ….  I need to charge it.
So this is my Frame build for my panels
I have 9 Trina panels with a PCMX60 charge controller with a midnight solar comb-box...   I still need parts but it a start.

Here are some photos taken over the last few days ( after work project ) \

First things first … Auto-Cad and Beer Smile  
Then mapping out how to set the array... 

Yep getting ready for some holes  . . . . 
Post cut for headers . . . .  

Back posts and beam . . . .   

Time for the front posts . . . .   

Holes for the posts . . . .   

and this is how it is until I get to the next step...     Tomorrow  . . . . 
 PowerLab 8  / KDS 7.2 / Horus X12
Gaui X3-385 Speed Heli 6S X-Nova powered . . . .Puffing Lipo's in 2 Mins
each hole is 36 inches deep with 3 - 80pd bags of concrete. My frost line here per code is 32 inches so I should be fine.

The wood frame just gets it up in the air a little...  I didn't want it right on the ground.  This gives me room to keep the grass under the array.
My goal is to make the rear frame adjustable... When the solar frame work is all the way down against the wood frame the angle is 74Deg. witch is my summer max angle. I was shooting for 30 deg. max angle in winter ( 28 deg is what is called for in my area ) but if I can get 30 or 32 I'm happy with that.

For this weekend I may do the lower adjustable mount on the Super Strut ( the lower front wood beam to super strut mount ) But I may not have time to work on the higher back adjustable mount. I may end up just bolting the back down solid for this weekend. and come back and finish the rear adjustment mount next weekend or when I do the cable run to the house...…   I have all the offsets for the holes so I may just drill out those holes on the main super struts …   and work on the control arms next weekend..   Just not sure what I'll be able to do this weekend. Its calling for rain on Sunday …  So this means I have tomorrow …. to get as much done as I can.   this may run into next weekend for the panels..  Just not sure yet .

At some point there will be another 9 panel array set in front of this one ….   But it will be set 35 to 45deg off center to true south. but lets get this one finished before I start chatting about the next one...  LOL

It will be nice to get my panels mounted right !!!!  LOL  not just propped up against the house and setting in my living room …..
 PowerLab 8  / KDS 7.2 / Horus X12
Gaui X3-385 Speed Heli 6S X-Nova powered . . . .Puffing Lipo's in 2 Mins
Last weekend had some time... 

still didn't get the last row up ….

But this weekend I was able to finish getting the panels up !

Ground wire and rod is in … 
3breaker box in mounted to the center 4x4 ...

Still need to run the ground lugs and the 4ga wire to all the uni-strut 
and wire the panels to there breaker … Its getting there
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 PowerLab 8  / KDS 7.2 / Horus X12
Gaui X3-385 Speed Heli 6S X-Nova powered . . . .Puffing Lipo's in 2 Mins

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