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MGPTWEGB Battery Build Tread
This is my Build Tread.

I will post updates here showing my work. 
I started out doing 14S but after talking with others and reviewing my Inverters Specs the battery will be 15S

Now I have moved my battery checking and building to the basement.

Bus Bars will be started soon …
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Nice testing station!
And many cells you got there. How many cells in parallel? 180?
Ya  I have 15 packs @ 180 cells each right now in there holders ….   All good..

I have trays of cells 2000 mah...  2100mah... 2200mah and so on but not enough yet to start putting them in the holders as it takes 120 cells to make a row.  
I have another 300 or so cells tested for MAH   but resting to check for discharged.
these 300 or so cells are from 2000 to 2700 mah   
So once these are tested for self-discharge I hope that I can finish my last 3 rows in the cell holders.

But There is still a lot I can do ….
Look at this MESS !
Yep    That will be bus bars ….    most of it is 12-2 with ground.

The Yellow is the newer 12-2 and there is some older 12-2 that is white in there... Its all 12-2 and a little 10-3
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 PowerLab 8  / KDS 7.2 / Horus X12
Gaui X3-385 Speed Heli 6S X-Nova powered . . . .Puffing Lipo's in 2 Mins
Hahah, bad hair day Tongue
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
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Had some free time today ..So I started doing a HAIR CUT on that dolly 
First removed the outer covering ……
I did this in my living room. So now I need to go back down stairs and start striping the inter shielding.

And I started my jig to bend the wires....

Here is how I mounted the 12G wire so to get the Kinks Out of the old wire …  Just use a washer head GRK screw to the fire blocking in my basement wall.

Once I had them all straight …   I used 3 of them together..  I used a Bassy Clamp on the same fire blocking 2x4 to clamp the 3 wires down.
Then chucked them up in my drill...

And here is the bus bar . . . . . ( 15sec of run time in low speed ) bar length in 60 inches.

Well    that's it for now !
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 PowerLab 8  / KDS 7.2 / Horus X12
Gaui X3-385 Speed Heli 6S X-Nova powered . . . .Puffing Lipo's in 2 Mins
still working on bus bars ..
I finished my little gig to bend all my twisted bus bars....
Here's a pic of some I did today....
And this is how they look setting on of the cell....
I using 3 - 12 g wires to make one bar. But using two bars per side. This way each bar carries 1/2 the cell ( 100 P on each bus bar )

I'll be using a 1/2 thick 1 x 3 inch Copper plate at the ends of the bus bars.    Drilling 4 holes to let them inset into the bar...  them I'm going to braise the bus bars to the copper blocks.
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 PowerLab 8  / KDS 7.2 / Horus X12
Gaui X3-385 Speed Heli 6S X-Nova powered . . . .Puffing Lipo's in 2 Mins

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