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MPP Solar Hybrid
Hi guys..

I was hoping some of you knew this.

You know if the "maximum DC voltage" is per PV input? there are 4 connections in 2 groups (4 + and 4 -) 

PV input is max 900VDC, this is per input 
MPPT is from 350V to 850V...

18x 300Wp solar off grid and 10x 180Wp solar tracker grid-tie
10KW 3phase hybrid inverter. 40Kwh 18650 storage (for now)
My setup:
So that is a yes I guess? Hehe.
900V DC? Yeesh! That's one system I'd not want to be near! My fingers a way too slippery for them!
(03-28-2019, 10:59 PM)not2bme Wrote: 900V DC? Yeesh! That's one system I'd not want to be near! My fingers a way too slippery for them!

That's why if they are installed properly, one will never come in contact with the 900VDC. Use those connectors that are fully insulated and always turn off the final breaker at the charge controller "before" working on anything.

but yeah, I agree. Kinda makes your skin crawl a bit thinking about that kind of voltage. Especially after seeing Big Clive shock himself with 230VAC
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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
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