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MPP solar hybrid inverters - U.S. mains compatible?

Just to be clear, will the MPP hybrid inverters work on a 240AC U.S. style mains connection?  They seem like a lot of inverter for the money, but it's a bummer if they won't work with US grids and houses.  MPP customer services says they're for 240V europe, not 120V US, but most inverters here actually output 240V and connect across both of the 120VAC legs of mains power.  Only the individual circuits in a US house are 120V, and use either one or the other leg of the total 240V supply.

Thinking of these:

If the unit is for 240V EU, then it won't work properly in the US. 240V EU and 240V US are not the same. In the EU, it's 1 leg has 240V which is hot. In the US, 2 legs are used to get 240V, also known as split phase.
European 240V power is:
Hot: 240 V
Neutral: 0V
Ground: 0V

USA 240V power is:
Hot: 120V
Hot: 120V
Ground: 0V

So you won't be able to input 240 directly to the inverter. You would need to use a transformer that combines to two Hot legs into 1. The same goes for the output. If it outputs 240V, then you'll need a transformer with a center tap to create Neutral leg.

That is my understanding, anyways. I could be wrong. I'm sure the EU folk will correct me if I'm wrong Wink
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Also, Europe is 50Hz instead of 60Hz in the US, but I don't know if that's a controlling factor in this case.
The frequenzy can be changed but no their Hybrid is not for US market and currently they had no plan to start doing split-phase systems. (Last I heard)
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Thanks, yeah I was able to get a reply from MPP directly and they also confirm they don't have any grid-tie models that do split phase 240VAC.

The LV series is an off-grid 120VAC version, but it won't do grid-tie.

May have to look elsewhere for inverters if I end up doing this. Also, MPP units don't have UL certification which could be an issue if an inspector were to actually check that.

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