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Making packs stronger
I've started making packs per the method I have been seeing used per HBpowerwalls and Daromer's method - but I'm wondering if there is a stronger method to make these.

What I've got is a thick buss wire that's attached by nothing but tiny 36awg wire to the pack. I've used some hot glue to give it some strength, but that doesn't give it much extra strength, and still leaves us with the issue that the buss wires aren't really structurally attached to the pack. 
Also, anyone come up with a way to protect the fuse wires? I'm wondering if anyone has designed something that raises up the edges of the cell holders to be taller than the buss wires so that when a pack is laying on something, it won't be putting any stress on the fuse wires.
I have modified Paul kennetts module design to do what you are looking for, however it uses pairs not single like other people.
If i had the cells (i cant get the number of cycles required) you could weld 4 modules together and then they would be similar to the big packs that HBpowerwall are making.
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I use stripes to hold em. Protection i dont havet any since they sit protected om shelfs
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Use different fuse wire. 36awg is smaller than necessary...
Take the cell holder and drill/ bore out a hole between 4 cells on both sides directly below the bus bar, and run a plastic zip tie through the cell holders so that you catch the bus bar on both sides. Do that on at least 4 corners of the pack and it should strengthen the pack and put the load on the bus bars instead of the fuse wire. Take a look at a bunch of pack pictures on here and if you look close, you will see some people using this method.

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