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Makita battery build (new - not repair) BL1850
After successfully repairing a Makita battery pack I try my hand at making a new one from's the video

Despite the photo Its actually 5.2AH not 6Ah - but I never never never exaggerate!!! Angel
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Hi mate, do you think that harvested laptop batteries would be ok(all over 2000mAh)?

It would not work well at all, and it would not be ok.

What you need are old powertool cells. Laptop cells are low drain, while powertool cell are high drain, so you need powertool cells for a rebuild.
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The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!
Good job. I'd really like to try something like that with Milwaukees, but unfortunately their proprietary protection is quite something to fight against even in simple battery repairs.
Anyone knows a good source for high drain batteries here in the UK?

Have you tried There's also queenbattery
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