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Mike G: Weird Projects
Batteries I plan to make:
- An e-bike
- An off grid camping trailer for my motorcycle, but that may be using LiFePO4 cells.
- Convert a 1981 Honda Civic wagon into an electric car.
- A solar powered house battery might be in the future too.
- An external battery for a laptop or tablet.
- Battery powered active respirator.
- A kick start only motorcycle battery.

Batteries currently in use made from recovered 18650 cells:
Total average cell capacity: 1603mAh.

- Lawn mower starter battery: 18 cells, details here.
- Vintage headlamp battery: 4 cells, details here.
- DIY portable charger kit: 8 cells, details here.
- Portable PowerBox: 51 cells, details here.
- Rechargeable 6V Lantern battery: 9 cells, details here.

Current functional 18650s harvested: 503
Total cost: $190.58 (USD)
Batteries collected: 91
Cells harvested: 623
Cells tested good: 506
Cells tested bad: 116
Cells missing: 1
Price per untested cell: $0.31 (USD)
Price per tested GOOD cell: $0.38 (USD)
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-Mike G
Sounds like fun. Looking forward to all the updates.
So here's some boring stats:

Batteries collected for harvesting: 24
Total cells harvested: 178
Cells tested good: 149
Cells being tested: 0
Cells tested bad: 28
Missing??? Sad 1

Cells in use:
Mower battery: 18 cells, 6p3s, 11.4V 8.4Ah
Average capacity: 1400 mAh
-Mike G
Sounds like a great project Mike, looking forward to seeing updates. My Electric 1955 oval window beetle is still a way off. The motors are not cheap with all the gear. I decided to build my power wall first and with the money i save put it towards building my Beetle.
Batch #2:

Cost: $73.60 (USD)
Batteries collected for harvesting: 25
Total cells harvested: 179
Cells tested good: 137
Cells tested bad: 42
Price per UNTESTED cell: $0.41
Price per GOOD cell: $0.54
-Mike G
How are you testing bud, so i can give you a star on the cell counter
If you'd like to support the forum please feel free to use my affiliate links to purchase all kinds of stuff for your projects 
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My testing details are in another forum since I'm not building an actual power wall: Harvesting and Testing Batteries.
That's also where I've been sharing my DIY tool builds. I also plan to keep the first post of this thread updated with future battery builds and links. My next one will be for an eBike, I think.

The tests I do are pretty much the same as everyone else's.
My criteria for a good cell is a bit more relaxed than a lot of people's though:
- Cell charges to at least 4.1V = good
- Cell temperature is less than 125F = good
- Cell gives at least 1Ah during discharge on the Opus = good
- Cell loses less than 0.05V while sitting for a few days = good.

I hope to be reporting on my 3rd batch of cells soon. This time I've got 41 laptop batteries coming! Biggest lot for me so far. Smile
-Mike G
Batch #3:

Cost: $116.98 (USD)
Batteries collected for harvesting: 42
Total cells harvested: 266
Cells tested good: 220
Cells tested bad: 46
Price per UNTESTED cell: $0.44
Price per GOOD cell: $0.53
-Mike G
More cells now in use!
30 cells, averaging 1671mAh
See the first post for details. Smile
-Mike G
Another project put to use:
Portable PowerBox.
Details updated in the first post.
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-Mike G

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