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Mike's DIY Battery Shed
I decided I would start a new thread here for my project considering how much it has changed since I first began and most of the information in the old thread was very outdated. It's been quite a while since I posted any updates, so I'll just start with where I'm at now.

When I first started this project, I wasn't sure how far it would go. I started with batteries on plywood outside covered with a tarp to protect from weather. This worked great but was not sustainable. The tarp started to rot from the sun and I quickly needed room to expand.

The next summer, I set out to construct a battery shed where I install the batteries and all related equipment.

The shed was completed in the summer of 2017. I didn't take many pictures unfortunately. A few weeks ago, I purchased 15 brand new 270w solar panels at a huge discount because the installer was no longer using 270w and moved to 300w+. His loss, my win.

Going forward, my packs will be 300p packs containing new "old stock" 2600mAh cells. Each 300p block contains 230 Samsung cells and 70 Sanyo cells. I am using 8 gauge stranded wire for the busbars with a 0 gauge lug hydraulically crimped twice. For the BMS, I am using the Batrium system.

Now, to catch up... Today, I removed everything, including all 28 120p packs, charge controller, inverter, all wiring, etc, from my battery shed in preparation for the 300p packs. I have 12 made and only need to solder 2 more. I'm finally working on insulation all of the walls and expect to have it completed tomorrow. My shelving units being used for the batteries are also being delivered tomorrow.

I will make a better attempt to post more frequent updates going forward Smile
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Wow, kewl! A truck came with the SunEdison! Sweet! Tongue
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(03-30-2018, 11:33 PM)Korishan Wrote: Wow, kewl!  A truck came with the SunEdison! Sweet!  Tongue

That be my truck. I had to drive 2hrs to get them. Lol.
looking good mike!
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All 28 of the old 120p packs were removed. 14 of them will be going back in. Of the remaining 14, some will be broken down and a few of the older packs given away to someone who has expressed interest.

Upon removing the old packs, I discovered this one with what appears to be a cell that began leaking. I'm guessing it got hot and built up some pressure internally. More testing will be done on this cell later...

The AIMS 10kw inverter is installed. I used doubled-up 2x4 in the walls then 2x6 across the front. The support seems solid. Yes, it is installed level even though the picture's angle makes it seem sideways. Lol
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Not concerned for the inverter ... but, will the rack hold up ?? You have some serious bad a** packs...
300p !!! dang, still not over it. Smile
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(04-02-2018, 03:50 PM)wim Wrote: Not concerned for the inverter ... but, will the rack hold up ?? You have some serious bad a** packs...
300p !!! dang, still not over it. Smile

I hope so. They're NSF-certified for 350lbs per shelf. I'll only have 280lbs on each shelf.

I love not having to hunt for batteries anymore. One of the usual shops called me up and let me know they had a bin full. I got 92lbs of laptop batteries for $40. That's $0.43/lb Smile
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First shelf is filled! Getting close. I just need to solder the 14th pack and add longmons to packs 10-13.
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