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Minimalistic system ?
Hi everyone !

I'm new there, and i am very interested in the subject of those DIY systems powerwall-like.

And, I'm french so, sorry for my poor english...

I've read some threads of the forum but i cant find my answers, so, i create this new thread, sorry if the questions have ever been posted somewhere...

I would like to start with a minimalistic system to experiment.

Below is a drawing of the system i would like to assemble, and i have 2 questions :

1- Am i missing something and this cant work well and safely as it is ?
2- What is the component i am looking for to complete the system ? (That will deliver constant DC current whatever the voltage of the solar panels)

More precisely :
- Solar panel voltage 0V (no light) to about 30V+ (full lighting) 
- A component that regulates the voltage of the solar panels to a constant 29V DC to feed the BMS of the 7S cells pack (it has to work like a step up converter if voltage of the panels is under 29V and like a buck converter if voltage over 29V)
- An inverter that take the 24-29V DC to 220AC

Thanks to everyone who will take time to help me in my understanding of a such system.

Have good day !

You are looking for a charge controller, best to go for an mppt charge controller. For example a Victron BlueSolar MPPT

Another option is the use an AC grid coupled PV inverter and matching inverter  (which will charge the batteries from AC power). This will waste less power when most of your energy is used when sun is out. Since the power will go directly from the AC PV inverter to your loads without passing through the battery charger....

Examples are victron multiplus and SMA Sunny Island

You can even combine both  Big Grin

Example SMA Sunny Island setup:
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