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Modular powerwall
While I wait on more nickel strips I thought I'd ask for comments on my powerwall design before I get any further.
Bus bars are flattened 3/16 copper tuning.
The "fuse" wire on the negative end is 18 gauge copper.
The glass fuses are 2a, but after watching Joe do his tests (tested closer to 4a) I decided to do two cells per fuse.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
I only have two modules done, so if I have to change something it shouldn't be too much hassle.

sorry for the picture quality

I like the holder halfway down the batts! did you break off the tabs?
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Yeah broke the tabs and slid em in. needed an extra one to hold it while soldering.
At first I did it cause I was being cheap that's all I had enough holders for, but I kind of like it now. I'm tempted to take the Dremel to them and knock the joining tabs down too.
Might get rubber or felt feet for them, idk how I'm mounting them yet
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