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Mpp 4048 error message
I am new here but been following some threads before now here. I have an mpp4048 inverter which has worked well for two years now. It's hooked up to the mains and also an array of solar panel totalling 1200watts. 
A day ago there was power outage and the inverter was supplying the house but switched off once the freezer kicks in with error 56. When I put off the freezer, it supplied all fans light bulbs, TV,  stereo. Also noticed it can no longer power hand dryer , iron, microwave which it was powering before now. 
Please assist anyone
Error 56 indicates "battery connection is open". Since the inverter works once you unplug the feezer, we know it's not a blown fuse or anything like that. Start by inspecting all of your cables, especially the connection at the inverter. It's possible one of the connections is loose somewhere causing high resistance maybe?
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Yeah sounds like you got to big voltage drop.
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Any place where you bolt together or screw down any type of connection you'll definitely want to double check.

HBPowerwalls had an issue where he had a loose bolt. It didn't cause the issue you mention here or any problem, really. He was using his FLIR camera and noticed a hot spot on one of the connectors. It was noticeably warmer than the others. Sure enough, when he put the wrench to it, it easily turned. After tightening it down, the temps were about the same across all connections.
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Thank you all, will give the above suggestions a go. May be in a couple of days though as I am away now on a trip
Kind regards.
I agree with others - sounds like voltage sag - check all connections and if its two years old open the inverter *with caution* inspect and clean also might help.
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Might also have a similar problem in the battery bank, ie loose connections &/or cells/packs gone bad.
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