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NEWS ARTICLE: Only 2% of lithium Ion batteries in Australia are recycled

Come on guys! We must work harder
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Need a distribution approach to recycling, rather than have one way boxes/collectors allow people to take the batteries away if they are going to re-use them.

This is the main issue I believe with "recycling" in that it is generally seen as ok to "recycle" by letting something useful be destroyed.

Either that or recycling is unwanted competition for the mining in west australia, hahaha.
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Re-use is so much better than recycling of constituent materials.  I think even governments can agree on that.
Guys, let's up that number to at least 10%+ using our recycling skills.

I want them powertool cells ?
The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!

it's the same everywhere. Outside the cummunities nobody pays attention to this problem. I had a discussion with the operator of a disposal factory (they get all kind of stuff) and he told me they are just happy to get rid of them.

I have started another thread with the intention to collect ideas to build a buiness case for an example problem. Actually the real "recycling" (destruction of the cell, recovery of raw materials) is not profitable and the processes are licencesed by some big players (Umicore, etc.).

For me the fist core step is to separate the "good" cells from the really dead ones. After that we can think about crushing and melting.

Hope you find time to join the discussion.

Yes. We need to get our hands on all of them before they go to the destroyers.

This is why building cheap multi-channel electronic load testers/chargers and high current battery holders are so important.

Processing cells is the most time consuming part of the build, so if we can get cut that time, make it easy and cheap, then we've got a huge step ahead.
The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!
it won't let me reply to their article saying a search for second life storage .. lol
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