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Need Help Picking Curtis or Alltrax
OK... I'm building an E-kart to go at least 60mph. I bought an Alltrax SR72450 controller, sw202 selenoid, 5k throttle today. The problem is I will have to mount everything after receiving it which will cost more money in materials. Then I came across a Curtis controller already mounted on a heatsink plate, neatly done with copper bars and with all components needed on eBay for under $600 (link listed below). I'm wondering which controller would be better for my setup and is it worth keeping the Alltrax and mounting everything up or return the Alltrax controller (which costed me more) and buy the Curtis controller? Will I get the same power and efficiency out of the Curtis as I would out of the Alltrax? THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE AND HELP!!!!!

Kart Weight with everything besides the motor: 120 pounds
Rear tire: Mojo 7.1/11.0-6
Gear Ratio: 2
Motor Sprocket: 18t
Axle Sprocket: 36t

Battery Setup: 2x 40V 18.4AH 736WH LITHIUM LIFEPO4 96 A123 26650 

Motor: 72v Motenergy ME-1003
I'm not sure about which brand is better. How much have you spent on the intial parts? If it is significantly less than the curtis stuff then stick with that. If it is the same then resell it and buy the curtis. Price seems to be a big factor here.
(06-09-2018, 06:03 PM)futurerel Wrote: anyone??

You will probably get more input on Endless Sphere forum
                                                Choose LiFe  Wink

                      May all your batteries be fully charged and perfectly balanced  Cool

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