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New Firebox Construction
I'm going to use a 270 Gallon IBC tote filled with water (or at least 200 Gallons) for the thermal storage. After the fire is out, I'll still have heat in the house because of the hot water. I've removed all the compressor and condensor coils from the central air box and just retained the evap coils. And then reconfigured the ends for standard plumbing. Then while the blower fan is on, I can pump the hot water through the now radiator and continue to push hot hair into the house even when the fire has died down.
The tote will be encased in styrofoam insulation with the aluminum barrier to retain as much as possible.

That's for winter. For summer I have a pond about 30Ft from air box that I'll put some HDPE coils in so that I can pump cold water into the radiator and help cool the house during the summer.
That's also on my plate to do in the next couple months. But I have to drain the pond first and then dig out the bottom some more to put the coils in.
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