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New Guy - From Thumbe of Michigan - US
Hi Everyone-

Nice job with all the projects!  I love the idea of controlling everything.  Always been a DIY in just about every respect.  I'm currently collecting laptop batteries in hopes of eventually doing some solar storage/back up power and grid independence.  I've got big plans but so far I only have the batteries started.  I've got about 9000Wh tested so far and I'm researching charge controllers, inverters and solar panels etc.  As a Mechanical Engineer all the electronic stuff is hands on learning for me.  My background is in manufacturing and machine building and I've had a couple businesses too.  Looking forward to learning and hopefully contributing where I can.  Just a note - I don't usually join stuff like this - I come form a time before everyone shared information so freely and you usually got burned for sharing.  This new way of collaborating is great for everyone and I looking forward to doing my part.

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