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New Powerwall in Romania
Yes, those canadian i also remember. When i saw them i was expecting a lot from them... very wrong!
in order to destroy you opus take some TP4056 to charge first (are very cheap) ..... i use 6 of theme and let the cells to stay some 10-15 days and then test only cells with more then 4v

PS: you are not alone ..... salutari !
I already have 10 TPs, using them to make the initial charge on everything except the Sanyos (there is some sort of temp protection on Opus, I think is good to have it with Sanyo). The interesting fact is that LG behaved well before the leak so.. probably bad luck.

Good to know DIY is not dead in Romania, really glad to see you here.
did you manage to buy your inverter?
Nope, will wait until i have all the cells. i don't want it's warranty to pass while sitting in the box
I managed to talk to my retailer and told me that at the end of April it gets new stock ......if this help you
Actually it might help, because i have just got today another 50 or so packs, so i will get closer to my target of 560 for stage one Big Grin 
Please keep me posted.
So, long time since my last update. 

I reconsidered some specs for my powerwall. I upsized the packs from 40p to 60p, the busbars will be made from 2x2.5mm twisted copper (the 6mm AC copper pipe is overkill). Probably tonight i will finish the first 2-3 packs. 

Pictures will follow soon.



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