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New Project started in Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA
Hi guys,

as I just started my journey into the DIY Powerwall. I managed to get 100 cells together for my first bank out of 7. I will initially try to go for a 25.9V system (7 battery packs, 3.7V nominal each = 25.9V). Goal is to get up to a 51.8V system (14 packs, 3.7V nominal each = 51.8) which might take me a few years but for now I have these 100 cells at a capacity of > 2000mAh.

I also hope with this post to reach some people in the province of Alberta that have some batteries over. Let me know and also how much you want for them. That would help to get the second bank started. Anyway below a picture of my first pack.

Please let me know (email of PM) if you have any batteries over that I can have.


Welcome! And good start!
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Welcome From Ontario.
Thanks Guys.

Looking forward getting some Powerwall together in a few months when I have all the batteries I need :-).

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Well hello neighbor, and welcome!
Welcome! Calgary here and I find the best place to get my used cells is the local recycler. $2/lb is quite a decent haul.
Hi there, Edmonton here Smile
Hey all,

I have a little update. I meanwhile managed to get 4 packs together, and anohter one and 1/4 is already charged. I am waiting for the battery holders now and have another 120 cells to process, which is awesome. I will at least be able to finalize my first 7 packs in  the next few weeks. Then it is on to get an inverter and all the electrical stuff set up. Really looking forward to that.

I will prvide another update as soon as I have completed my packs.

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The build process is always hurry up and wait. I'm waiting on something huge for my wall. Still not sure the outcome but it should be good.

Hows it going? Have you thought of all the interconnect pieces?
I know i'm a bit late to the party but FB has a huge list here with locations of people might be of help -
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