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New guy, here, in FLA
Looks like a wonderful resource of information!

I am in the beginning stages of learning how to build a powerwall for a backup power system - for emergency purposes - in south florida.

I'd like to be able to power the whole house, and eventually tie in solar panels, etc, to make off grid a viable possibility.

Current household usage is less than 2000 kWh per month.

How big of a battery pack do you think I should build?  (I am at the basic, beginning stages, and want to learn, and plan for complete system, and build it RIGHT!)

Thanks for the resource, I will be donating, as time goes on, to support the community!

Welcome fellow Floridian. There are several of us on the forum. I think most of you guys are in south florida, tho.

2000 kWh is a pretty hefty amount. I use about 1000 kWh currently. Then again, I don't run much, though.

Before we get started on what all you'd need, please read the FAQ as that will answer a lot of questions.

Further questions please ask in the appropriate section.
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