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New noob DIYer, South Africa
Hi Guys

So I have been randomly reading a few threads on here, and have gotten some cells from a recycler, and previously joined a local power forum, though they are more into gel and deep cycle batteries, with hardly any advise, assistance on Li ion cells from laptops etc.

So here I am! hello. I have been using the resources, especially the cell database to find information for the cells ive harvested.

I just started with the cells near the end of last year, and have gotten testing a few hundred of them, though I have found some issues, and feel like I have so many questions Hope the VIP's can assist and advise! Look forward to it.

Welcome buddy, looks like you have a good load of cells there...
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Yup, there is quite a load from a recycler, and got offered a good price if I took the lot. Surprisingly the SANYO cells are averaging better than the Samsungs, though I got quite a few Panasonics which are my best and average around 2900 mAh.
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