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New ways to communicate
I know that any change is difficult to see when you are administrator and things on the community are going well.

But I think that tools like a telegram group/channel would be great.

Is easy to share, you have a history line is onlive, you can have bots to help on calcs and make overview from forum to the group...

Sorry if I'm insisting on that kind of things but there are people that don't have Facebook.
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There are 100 places to chat out there. Unfortunately we cannot have them all going at same time with same quality.
Telegram is easy because you run it. Personally I wouldnt use it Wink
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There's already chat groups running independently of the forum, but they are unofficial. Pete (HBPowerwalls) doesn't want a "dedicated" chat platform as he wants to keep all the chat in searchable and thread style and all the collaboration in an easy to follow progression of what's going on and how to follow a build. A dedicated chat could make people lazy and not update their threads with the information and there could holes in the build progressions.
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