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Newb question.
Building my e-bike so joined this forum because I was looking for reasonably priced power Big Grin , inspired me so much my next project will be a power bank. Cool My Question, i've started trying to get my hands on 18650 cells. I'ver refurbed an old powabyke. battery pack is all but gone so I thought strip it down to play with cells testing and sorting just to learn really. I am currently running the bike on 36V old pack from a balance board. Now the Balance board pack has its own charging circuit with a BMS understand that just apply 42v the pack takes care of itself, way to go that's how I will build my new pack! I ordered some cheap BMS off ebay again to play with. Now, when I come to strip down the old powabyke battery pack, nothing just the batteries connected in series to make up 36v. Striped down a new Bosch 18v same thing. Is there some clever charging circuit or what? I guess when building a power bank you need as much protection as you can get but what about e-bike packs, whats the difference?

So you dissasembled a e-bike battery pack and there is no circuit board inside? Sounds strange.
(10-08-2018, 02:01 PM)5buBZMKeJZgapTGsbGzKf Wrote: So you dissasembled a e-bike battery pack and there is no circuit board inside? Sounds strange.

How will you remember that login!
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Both should have a circuit board inside - they'll drift out of balance & fail early if not.
Measure all the cell voltages & let us know what they are!
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