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Newone from France
Hi everyone!!

Great to be here with all of you. 

I'm from france an with more precision from Toulouse. 

I have started some month ago to collect a lot of laptop battery in a way to make a diy powerwall. It's a long long job and not easy... 

some days you a lucky and some not!!!  

I 'm fascinated by this... it's a dream to produce an stock energy by yourself since i was a little curious kid Big Grin

And finally with 18650 this dream can be real!!! 

I have not a 1 project but many many with those batteries. 

See you ...

Welcome... Looks like the battery bug has caught you. Enjoy!
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Welcome. Looks like a good collection. Love those Dell packs. Easy to open, and often great cells inside them. Lenovo packs - like those are easy to open, but often contain Sanyo 'heaters'.

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