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NiMH powertool upgrade
(05-02-2019, 07:31 PM)daromer Wrote: The balance part for me is cruical. Especially if you run 2nd hand cells. A balance charger does not cost that much so.

I"m still getting used to all the terminology.  I know its a balance charger if it has wires going to each series connection right?  So the unit I posted above would be considered a balance charger?
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Multiple protective functions including overcharge protection, overdischarge protection and short circuit protection

If it provides these protective functions on each cell in series I think you are right it would be self balancing

Would like to get feedback on this board. I have been looking for something similar but hoping for half that cost.
Go for a BMS with balancer, and a relatively low-current PSU. Or grab two PSUs, a big one to top your batteries quickly and a small one (max 200mA) to allow enough time for the balancer to balance the battery. You may omit the BMS completely ONLY if you use a balance charger for charging, but you're running on extra danger of damaging a cell that way due to over discharge, however it won't catch on fire, fire happens when charging the battery.
Okay, now I'm confused. I've been thinking of BMS and Balance Chargers as being the same thing, but it sound like they are different or is it that the BMS is doing the balancing, but the power for the BMS has to come from a charger with a little more brains than, say, a laptop power supply.

So in the case of this board, I thought I could just plug in a laptop power supply to the provided power jack and this circuit would manage the rest. It does claim to have overcharge protection. IF that's not the case, how does a person determine what is needed?

If this is the case it would represent a pretty good deal overall as I could salvage the PSU and then the battery would cost $11 plus batteries and materials.

Just found a good breakdown here:

In this case the circuit he uses (4:34) doesn't have enough wires to be a balance circuit, so he adds an additional harness to use his IMAX B6 for charging/balancing. Otherwise if he put it in the regular tool charger (if it worked at all) it would charge blind and could unbalance.

So this makes me think the circuit I've linked IS a balancing BMS, and as Thanar suggests I could use it and a low current PSU. So here I go, placing the order. I'll give it a shot and let people know how it goes. This will be my first battery build of any type...
Mobilis in Mobili

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