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Nickel sheets

I am developing my connection concept and instead of using copper bus bars looking to create nickel sheets with sprung connection/fuse punched into them. I need some sheeting to test my concept and so...

My question is where is best to by sheets of Nickel? aliexpress?
i need them 350 by 135 by .2 -.3 thickness 

eBay is always the best for small amounts ....Pure nickel may be a bit floppy , I have worked with Stainless Steel 0.1 and 0.15  , very strong and ridged in thin sheets , can be cut with scissors , spot welds well ... it does have fairly high resistance but this is not a problem when in sheet form . electricity moves in all directions

Stainless 0.1 
 [Image: s-l225.jpg]
Below Pure nickel too bendy, floppy  ... nickel plate is not so bendy 

[Image: s-l225.jpg]
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