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Nissan Leaf Powerwall Project!
I am currently in the middle of disassembling a used 2013 24kWh Nissan Leaf electric car battery to turn into an awesome DIY Tesla Powerwall! 

I'm documenting my progress through my youtube channel in a few parts showing the process and its ever changing evolution! 

I've uploaded part 1 and part 2 onto my youtube channel so far! (And excuse my filmmaking skills, I'm learning as I go!) 

I hope you'll check the videos out and please tell me what you think, and any suggestions or input is welcome!
Here is the link:

Some specs of my system:

16-20kWh of useable energy (not tested yet) 
2700W of solar PV power (9 300W panels wired up as a 3S-3P configuration)
Victron SmartSolar 150/85 Tr MPPT charge controller.
2000W Cotek SP-2000-124 pure sine wave inverter.
4AWG cabling.
Fuses, Breakers, grounding, and all that safety stuff. 

Feel free to ask any questions!
Great subbed!
(03-13-2018, 09:29 AM)zag2me Wrote: Great subbed!

Thank you!
Nice! How much was the pack?
(03-13-2018, 04:54 PM)okent Wrote: Nice!  How much was the pack?

About 120,000Yen or 1130USD for the whole pack...
The Chevy Volt cells are very high-current, and as a result...they are ideal for an electric scooter or motorcycle, and even perhaps a high-performance longtail cargobike. Since the Volt is a hybrid with a small gasoline back-up engine), the battery pack can be small (since most people actually drive a short distance each day in electric mode). This meant that the Volt needed high amps from a small pack.

As to the Leaf, it is a pure EV with a very large battery pack, to provide all of its range. To reduce the number of connections, they used large flat cells. I think that anyone who finds a good price on an EV pack should use it for whatever they want, but...the Leaf cells are just about ideal for a powerwall.

There is nothing wrong with using smaller Volt cells for a power wall (I've seen them being used for that), but if you are fortunate to have found a good price on a Volt pack, you can break it down into smaller packs, and sell the pieces for two or three times what you purchased them for. The only problem is that you would need to be near a large city to have a ready market, and you might need to deliver it, since shipping is a serious problem...

"Salvaged EV cells index, Leaf, Volt, Tesla, etc"

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