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Outdoor Power Control Box 1a (250ah 48v Leaf Pack)
wood is also a good insulator, Albeit Flammable
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Function Test #1

So far so good. But I have yet to try any loads.

Still need to wire up:
Main DC Breaker / Disconnect Switch. 300Amp
Charge Controller
Combiner Box
External AC 110volt 100Amp Main Breaker
External 50Amp Generator Plug Box
Batrium + Leafmons
Cabinet 110v AC Fan and Lighting
12v Charge SLA Controller + x2 5volt 2Amp Ports
12v SLA Batteries
12v Fan
12v Water Pump (External)
Intel Compute Stick, Modified with Active Cooling (Batrium Host) @ 5 volts 2 Amp
USB 3.0 Hub + Cat5 Converter for Data Connection to Farm Network (+Wireless Backup Connection)
Odroid Vu7 Monitor @ 5volts 1Amp
Alarm Pad for Cabinet Door
Auto Generator Startup Switch
Top two 12volt Panels (Shade Awning)

Hope to be finished in about a week!

This was strictly a function test of the inverter itself and the Batteries ability to Startup and Operate that inverter. 

No safety equipment is in place yet, so this was immediately disconnected after testing. 

Amazon should have the rest to me in a day or two.
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So far so good!

Just need to apply a set of panels to charge it up and balance!

Then on to Full load function testing!

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