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Peck and Poke Batrium ...or Where in the "H" is the Batrium software manual
As stated ...I appreciate the response/help and am not embarrassed to bring the topic to top of mind.  For Batrium to prosper they are going to have to deal with folks who "don't have basic knowledge" .... while not as extensive as the heavy users on this forum, I do feel I have a basic knowledge and more importantly willing to spend the time and effort to fill in the gaps.  I just need to know where to go and not bother others with what may seem like elementary questions.  One elementary question is ....where do you find that in the software?   Which is why I started this whole conversation.   Is Batrium's market only going to be for those on this forum?  That could really limit growth ....and as such limit or maybe even eliminate the development of the Batrium system ...that a lot of us have now invested $$ and time in.   

So again thanks I have a lot of reading to do my dark ages shop ....  Smile
Batrium as of now is for People with medium to Good base knowledge in how a bms or software is built Up.

They are aware of this and its One step at a time
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