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Permanent master slave GTIL2
Some possible useful info: I got 2 2000w gtil2s wired to separate 240v breakers then to one 240v breaker in the main panel. I am using a limiting cable I made that has 2 ct clamps (one for each phase-wire) and 2 connectors (one for each inverter).
I am trying to have one inverter stay primary-master every time and the other slave every time. At the moment either inverter could be master or slave depending (I think) on which inverter is more responsive at the time.
The reason I’m trying to accomplish this: I can then install batteries to be the power supply to only the slave inverter. Then the master inverter will supply whatever it can from straight solar and then batteries are only used when first inverter can not fully supply the loads. This would prolong the lifespan of the batteries and also allows the batteries to stay full more often. Also this would allow an offgrid inverter to be installed in line with the slave and not be in line with the master which can be beneficial for several reasons. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The pic is what I’m trying to accomplish.
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Running both GTI's in parallel at the same load level would extend the life better.

Create a common DC voltage from both solar outputs to the battery and GTI's

Running GTI1 to maximum and then switching on the second would seem to be a lot more problematic due to the way the limiter signal changes the output (i.e. you could not just simply isolate the limiter signal from unit 2) or maybe it just is as simple as removing the limiter signal. Simplest option, disconnect the DC input to GTI2 and switch on/off based on the DC current going into GTI1.

Personally I would have both solar charge the off-grid battery and then have both GTI units powered from the battery this way solar output drops caused by clouds could be leveled out with the batteries, unless you want to retain the battery output just for outages.
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Was hoping to have one inverter directly connected to pv so it could handle most of my loads thrunoutbthe day and not have to use the second inverter (connected to batteries) very often during the day and then use second inverter at night once first inverter has no more pv. Therefor extremely prolonging the life of the batteries due to not using the batteries most of the time due to master inverter supplying for most of the loads during the day

What u said about switching the slave on and off based on dc current sounds promising...but I just found out that when one 240v inverter is the only inverter turned on-connected to the cts and it is covering all the loads that it slightly backfeeds but the system doesn’t backfeed when having the second inverter connected even if that inverter isn’t supplying I need the second-slave inverter atleast powered up at all times

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