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Portable power box build
(04-09-2019, 04:38 PM)GMRedline Wrote:
(03-21-2019, 09:36 PM)Crimp Daddy Wrote: I’m literally building something identical to what you just mentioned… less the inverter for AC power because don’t really have anything AC when I camp.
It is a similarly sized packed, using a 24 to 12v 30A Daygreen DC-DC, and a few other goodies like a Victron solar charge controller… I do like it has a programmable load output which I can use as is, or in conjunction with a relay if I need to management higher output loads.
For the BMS I will be using one of those Bluetooth BMS units.  I have not don’t extensive testing yet but the overall setup looks pretty decent.  Its certainly a lot better than something that does not provide any insight or monitoring capability.

Cell 5 is intentionally out of balance, which I used for testing.

Will the BMS continue to charge the other cells even though Cell 5 is that high?

I am setting the balance to start at 4.0v per cell, so yes, as long as the BMS board can discharge and pull down cell 5 into balance with the rest, then it will eventually allow the rest of the cells to catch up and be balanced and charged.

Note: the BMS doesn't charge the cells, but it can stop the flow of current from the charger if parameters go out of range.  Those parameters are user defined.  Also, if the charge current is too high, it will most likely stop charging until cell 5 comes back into balance.

Unlike the super cheap BMS boards that only do a top end balance, I can make this one start sooner which is what I wanted.

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