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Portuguese Powerwall in Poland
I did it, I bought myself a Victron Phoenix Inverter.

The 1.5-2kWh wasting I was seeing from the PIP was bugging me since the beginning.

So I decided to buy the 48/1200, which should handle 1000w continuously, and 2400w peak.


It's price is ~ 600USD, which is +- the same as the PIP5048.

This should be enough for most of my house low-loads.
For the rest I will use the PIP with on-demand turn on/off.

According to Victron specs, the no-load consumption should be 8watt.

I was really in doubt if this is true, since it seemed too good.
Anyway, even if a little worst than the specs I was hoping that at least half the waste of the PIP. 
Anything worst would make this move to buy it, not worth it at all.

After connecting it to the battery, and before connecting any house load, I checked how much the Batrium Shunt was measuring:

This includes the Batrium Watchmon consumption, which is around 2w.

So this means that no-load at ~ 14watt. It almost double what the specs say, but it is still quite good, compared with ~40watt of the PIP.

Next, I tried on small house loads:

And this gave me a big relief, 20w wasting on such loads (my house idle) compared with 70-90w from the PIP, means that I should really tackle the PIP wasting issue that has been bothering me.

This also means that even on really bad weather days, like for example:

The small amound that panels generate is still able to handle house idle.

This victron + increasing my powerwall with another 10kWh (on planning) should give me a much bigger reserve for lack of sunny days, hopefully getting closer to being off-grid 80-90% of the days.

Now the real issue is how do I control turning on/off the PIP remotely?
And will I be able to connect house loads depending on wether it's > or < 1000w...??
Don't miss next episodes to find out... Wink

P.S.: Coffee machine which generates loads around 1800watt for short durations (<60s) the victron handles without a sweat Smile least in winter temperatures ~ 0C Smile
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It works!! Smile

I used this SSR:

connected directly to ground + GPio 17 on Rpi2 and to PIP switch cables

and I can now control it from for example domoticz:


So anytime I need to use higher loads on the house, like dishwasher, oven, water boiler I need to first turn on the PIP,
using google assistant sdk on rpi I just need to say "ok google, turn on the inverter" and voila Smile

I'm very happy now to be able to control when is the PIP on, thus keeping its wasting (specially during nighttime) to a minimum.

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Nice you made it work....
just a bit of an update:

I spent a week vacation on Cyprus, leaving the powerwall working and during this time I was monitoring its status remotely, and noticed that everyday one of the packs was getting lower and lower top voltage, until 1 day before my return it was difference between 4.1 and 4.0.
So again I had to take down this pack and search for the leaking cell(s).
One interesting thing that was new to me is that I don't have any replacement packs (since I used all my good >1900mah cells), and I didn't want to switch to grid for the fixing of this pack, so I decided to try to connect the victron inverter to 13s.
Since now the days are quite long and a lot of sun, my total voltage is still quite high in order to not reach the low cut-off voltage of the inverter, so everything worked during the time I was fixing the pack.

This pack had 3 cells in bad shape. 
1 cell at 0.6v, 2 cell droped to ~ 3.5v (from 4.05v)

I replaced 2 of the cells with these bought from aliexpress:

I have no idea if these are real or cheaper copies, but they passed the capacity test and self-leaking test, so I will try them.

Now for something less boring...
I bought one of these:

I will use it for commuting to work, saving up on petrol and/or train tickets.

Since I'm not exporting to grid, and in non-winter time I have way too much solar, this will allow me to better use my solar excess.

It comes with a 60Ah 14s30p battery with chinese NMC cells.
Top speed: 75km/h
Typical Range: 50-100km (really depends on how you use the throttle Smile

I'm thinking about taking out the battery during winter and connect it to my 10kWh powerwall, which would allow me to have a slightly bigger battery for winter days.

It comes with some cheap chinnese BMS, I will try to tweak with it in order to get some interesting stats to some kind of display during driving.
Maybe will need to replace it with something better.
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that's awesome it's 14s. Now just gotta figure out if you can stick more cells in there and get the range up. Lots of possibilities

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