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Pouch Cells -- LiIon or LiPo?

recently I got some Pouch Cells out of an E-Bike Pack. On the Pack itself was no writing about the type, the Brand or the configuration of the cells.
The Voltage of the cells was around 3.9V.

Here are some Pictures:

The Number 10B020 is the same on all Cells and the Number 4487 is different on other Cells.

And if someone could read this, it'll maybe help it was inside the pack:
I tried it on -->
but it couldn't translate it.
So... Good question

This translate text on image website has proven useful for me. It was interesting to see the words on a BMS I was looking at buying actually stood for..... "Fire Board"

Made me a bit concerned so i kept looking.
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Thanks @Bubba!

This Site looks nice, but I think handwriting is to difficult for it  Big Grin
I edited the Picture for more contrast and tried again, but still don't work. Sad
Hello again LEDSchlucker.

It's a lithium ion pouch cell with a nominal rated voltage of 3,8V.

What are the size measurements?
The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!
But how did you found it out?
3.8V does that mean a HV cell? So max charge Voltage 4.35V?
The size is 130mm x 65mm x 12mm plus overlapping.

BTW, the capacity is 10.8Ah measured with the Opus (4.2V - 2.8V @1A)
I found out because it has a 3,8 sticker on it. I knew it wasn't capacity, as the 10,692Ah figure was already on the left, so 3,8V was the average voltage during discharge.

I wouldn't charge it up to 4,35V though, even if it was capable.

Not only does it extend cycle life, but it also makes charging safer just in case you make a mistake.
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The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!
There are LiFePO pouch cells available but they are rather rare so pouches are usually LiIon. 3.9V also tells you that it's highly unlikely that this is a LiFePO cell. I wouldn't bet on it either that it is a HV cell with 4.35V just because it says 3.8V on it. It's more likely that someone was just clueless or the specs were determined using some dice. If you get 10.8Ah then you got what it should deliver, so definitely no HV cell.
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Thanks @both!
Yeah, this makes sense.

I haven't planned to charge them to 4.35 ether, was just my guess.

But how do you know that it is a Liion and not a LiPo? Because of the use in an E-Bike?
What discharge current should be fine? 1C, 2C?
That's because Liion and LiPo cells use the same type of chemistries, just with different packages.

I would go with a max of 1C, with a peak of 2C just in case.
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The power of lithium ion is in our hands!
We'll show them what we're made of!
Oh, I might have misread that. I thought you were asking whether this is LiIon or LiFePO. These are different chemistries with different voltages. LiIon and LiPo though is the same chemistry (or rather the same family of chemistries). The difference is the electrolyte. It's a rather solid polymer on the LiPo and a fluid on other (cylindrical) LiIon cells. The polymer makes the pouch format possible.

Discharge ratings for LiPo cells is usually 10C at least. But I don't know about the quality of cells used on e-bike batteries. Many e-bikes have 250W to 350W motors so the current won't be very high and they could use cheaper, lower power cells.

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