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PowerWall Proof of Concept
(03-30-2019, 12:33 AM)Crimp Daddy Wrote: I am still a bigger fan / proponent of 24 or 48v systems... I really like 15s on 48v because it keeps me towards the top end of the efficency curve, and plenty of 48v inverters can handle the 15s input voltage.

Victron has always been good about high input voltages... 4s would work well on their 12v platform as it supports 17v max.

I'm a fan of larger voltage systems as well, but having worked in the moving solar industry, I have an abundance of 12v equipment. That being said, bucking it down for any 12v appliance is actually rather efficient. So I suppose industry convention is keeping me on the 12v line of thinking, maybe that is an error.

I'm disappointed Victon's BuckBoost isn't a 3 stage charger, but the 100A model is beautiful and runs at about 95% efficiency. Maybe I should consider moving off 12v and always having a buck on hand for any 12v applications.

Victron was what I was running tests on today, in fact!! It ran my pack above 16v just fine. It's a beautiful machine, even though the MK3 can be a hell to program with some PCs.

(03-29-2019, 01:06 PM)Korishan That\s why I'm reaching out for advice - I'm saying in my case I do have an unlimited supply of 12/24v inverters due to my involvement with the solar industry. So with that consideration in mind, do you see a reason for me to not go 4s for 12v? It will allow me to easily add more rows to convert it to 24v in the future if I want to increase voltage, and from my testing thus far, allows me to utilize the full voltage range of 2.8 to 4.2v of each cell. Am I missing something about 3s or not considering a key component, since everyone seems to do 3s and not mind sacrificing over a third of their storage capacity? Wrote: As Sean and Daromer mentioned, 4s voltage range is on a "few" inverters. The majority of them do not go above 16V. So it's not that people aren't wanting to use the full voltage range with a 12V inverter, it's usually because the inverters are available to use the full range.

I understand the math you posted, it's listed in the FAQ.

If you have an inverter that "can" use the full range, then by all means use it. No one here is stopping you from doing it. Just keep in the mind the limitations of such a system. You won't be able to scale up easily/cheaply in the end, for one. Unless where you got the inverter is from a buddy down the street that's smuggling them out of the manufacturer/warehouse, or, more likely, they are refurbished or reject units that "really" don't meet the surge requirements to sell at full price.

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