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Powerwall build from recycled LiPo prismatic cells
I managed to score a bunch of LiPo prismatic cells very cheap, and intend on putting them together for use as a powerwall. The cells are Sanyo UPF3976108, they are rated at 3880 mAh each.

They are in sets of 2 in parallel and I am unable to separate without damage, so i am planning on making modules that are 13S2P, like this:


I plan on connecting the cells with 2 x 1/8w resister legs which should fuse at around 10amp.
Looks like it should work nicely. What will you be using this for btw?
(03-19-2019, 01:53 PM)Rossebaugh Wrote: Looks like it should work nicely. What will you be using this for btw?

I am currently running a home server, that needs to run 24/7, so will initially just use it for that, it only draws 200W at the moment.

I plan on building a firebox, so that each 13s2p battery is isolated from the next one, and to contain it in case it catches fire.
I finally took delivery of my batteries, now comes the disassembly and testing of each cell. I get limited spare time, so it's gonna take me a while. I think I have enough to make a 15kWh battery, but time will tell (I am sure there are some bad / damaged cells)

Very interesting! Our good old 18650 is definitely disappearing from from laptop battery packs...
After some dissassembly, this is what 0.9kWh looks like, very compact, only 23 x 11 x 8cm

Constrain them before you charge them.
(04-13-2019, 07:28 AM)Sean Wrote: Constrain them before you charge them.

I have been given mixed advice on this, from give them room to expand (space the cells apart), to keep them under pressure

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