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Powerwall demo
Hello Smile 

Thats my little "powerfloor" created for fun and some education Big Grin 

I decide to use a repack ICR18650-26F cells (112pcs) + ICR18650-26H (28pcs) in 7s20p


Charge controler is a Tracer 1210AN working with one 195Wp mono solar panel
230V inventer is a cheap 300W solution for truck 24V systems
Cables have a 6mm2, for balancing I order a 1s deligreen solution

Today is its first day of working Smile

Best regards Marcin Smile
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little update Wink

I was add 28 cels to my packs
ICR18650-26H - 7pcs
LGDAS31865 - 21pcs
and also I have some laptop batterys Big Grin

rewraping LG's

growing Rolleyes
Looks good. Keep posting updates!
Parcel arrived Big Grin 

Another Tracer - 1206AN with temp. sensor

Today start working with my 2x 10W in series, very old china panels Big Grin

I planing to buy another solar panels and set it:
1210AN with 1x 330W panel
1206AN with 2x 195W panels in parallel

Meanwhile I finish capacity testing some laptop cels, now i'll give them some weeks to check self discharging  

Best regards Wink
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