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Powerwall silly question
I bit the bullet and bought the SENSE Monitor $299.00 (VERY EASY TO INSTALL) and very easy to use. It also brought a lot of "LIGHT" on my solar system to be, battery POWERWALL (Possible needs vs Reality) and gave me the ability to somewhat make a deep dive of creating a plan of real possible expectations.

I know there are many other cheaper ways of doing this. I was sold on the fact it does slowly learn about loads and can track them. It is not perfect and it is a slow process. Though it does a very good job at simple things like how much energy am i using right now? What was my highest draw all day? Or even this week? It is truly an install and forget about it process. I enjoy picking up my phone and seeing what is happening at home.

Fact is, i will save that $349.00 (also bought the SOLAR MONITOR) in a matter of months. (YES MY FAMILY AND I ARE NOT THE BEST AT SAY TURNING LIGHTS OFF)
NOW WE ARE!!!!!!!!

This device though expensive is forcing me to learn about energy and such. We have electric heat, electric water heater, electric washer and dryer, electric stove, and the Family HOT TUB out back. REALITY and USAGE is a must!!!!
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My story began with the Nissan Leaf. Now i want batteries for everything. SOMEBODY STOP ME !!!!

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