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Problem with 48 Volt 1000 Watt Rear Hub Ebike Controller

I recently bought a 48 Volt 1000 Watt Rear Hub Ebike kit. After mounting and traying it around for few times, everything was fine.
After few km the controller switched off. I thought first that it was the battery because after unplugging and plugging again the battery, the bike worked for few seconds, but it was not. I changed the battery and I had the same problem. I changed BMS from 20 A to 40 A in the case was a BMS current problems, but still not working. It seems it switches off when there is a big lead to push, like an acceleration or going uphill, it doesn't do that when I lift the bike and let the motor run at its max speed.
Can anymore help?

Thanks a lot

t 1000 Watt Rear Hub Ebike Conversion48 Volt 1000 Watt Rear Hub Ebike Conversion
20A was definitely not enough, 1000W at 48V is 21A and possibly more at peaks. Personally I wouldn't go under 60A. What battery are you using? The controller specs match with the motor specs?
Sounds like overload protection or massive voltage drops under heavy load. I think battery, controller or BMS (or a combination) isn't up to the job.
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If you can, try to measure the voltage of the packs when under load. Also, if possibly, measure the amp draw under the same conditions.

You could probably just take and strap the wheel to a bench so it doesn't turn. That way you can test it under load without needing to ride it, or have the bike go all KITT on ya Tongue
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It was the fuse, very sorry for wasting your time. I wonder how I could get power? I had the fuse on the negative wire that goes on the BMS, but this one was still giving me power.
If the fuse would be doing its job then it would trigger under load and you won't be able to get any power unless you rewire or replace the fuse. When power was still coming through then the fuse didn't trigger (and probably isn't the cause of your issue) or it fused short which sort of defeats the point of a fuse. Or is it a resettable fuse maybe so it resets when cooling down?

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