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Project Power it All
Hey everyone, new to the forum here and I'm looking forward to talking to everyone here. I figured I'd start a thread on my project I've just begun the long process of harvesting and testing cells and have put together an initial design for my packs. They will packs of 100 cells all a minimum of 2000mAh. I plan to start with a 48v setup and eventually possibly a 240v setup since I have an old industrial UPS system that is setup for a 240v battery and is rated for 10kW continuous. Here's a few screen captures of the current pack design, hopefully I can do a test cut of the Acrylic tomorrow and do any necessary tweaking.
I currently have mounting previsions for Longmons as well as holes for zip ties to help hold down the bus bars particularly at the ends of the pack.

Figured I'd post a little update got a chance to laser cut the cell holders today it takes about 2 1/2 hours to cut one packs worth. Did a little test fit with some cells. So far they seem like they are going to work well I did add a last minute feature some mounting holes for cover plates to protect the tops and bottoms of the packs from shorting.

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I like the acrylic... I have also have a laser and that would be a killer use of the darn thing!

Nice work!

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