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Project started in Sherwood Park
Hello everyone,,
as I just started my journey into the DIY Powerwall. I managed to get 100 cells together for my first bank out of 7. I will initially try to go for a 25.9V system (7 battery packs, 3.7V nominal each = 25.9V). Goal is to get up to a 51.8V system (14 packs, 3.7V nominal each = 51.8) which might take me a few years but for now I have these 100 cells at a capacity of > 2000mAh.

I also hope with this post to reach some people in the province of Alberta that have some batteries over. Let me know and also how much you want for them. That would help to get the second bank started. Anyway below a picture of my first pack.

Please let me know (email of PM) if you have any batteries over that I can have.


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