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Puerto Rico Powerwall
Some updated pictures. Just added one more 7S100P battery for extra storage and reconfigured my solar to a higher voltage level (3S strings).
Doing a lot of "One year later" tests for degradation and it all boiled down to an average of 13% degradation of 12 months, about 200 full cycles, complete off grid use for the last 2800 cells. All from unknown sources, fully tested, no failures. I'm happy with the results.
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It's hard to judge with old cells, but 13% capacity drop over 200 cycles seems pretty bad? At that rate you'd probably need to retest and rebuild all your packs every few of years?
One form of degradation can be reduced a lot by lowering the max voltage. For powerwall usage, around 4.1V~4.0V / cell seems to be the sweetspot re lifespan vs usable capacity.
High temperature kills cells, too.
Another form of degradation can be mitigated by drawing less amps/cell.
What voltage do you charge/discharge to, at what temperature, and at what amps/cell?

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