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Question about wiring BMS to solar charge controller
(02-10-2019, 06:38 PM)rhedbatt Wrote: redpacket brings up a good point about disconnecting a battery from a charge controller while charging.  that is a bad thing for sure.  im just not convinced you are going to be able to use these two things together and keep functionality from both. (refer first my two paragraphs)

FYI if the battery does not get to 4.25V / cell it is unlikely that the 'BMS' will do any balancing at all. that is, if you have the charge limit set on the controller too low ... might never get balanced by this method. 

My Answer
: this is why i swapped my EPEVER TRACER-AN Solar controller it has an Equalization Charge every 28th of the month which will balance all cells.

any corrections to what i am doing wrong is highly appreciated, it is for my safety after all. Thank You.

AFAIK, the tracer's are lead focussed.  Lithium does not need/want an 'Equalization Charge' anytime, let alone regular ... thats more for lead acid which burns (bubbles) off the excess (charge/energy, to 'balance' the cells inside the battery) ... vs a balance charger that has contact with each cell ... but I digress..

I like your post, but I'm now even more confused.  I've only got a BN tracer, so maybe I'm ... confused ... but I doubt it.

I like this thread and am keen for input, thanks all.
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In The Morning !
(03-06-2019, 05:39 AM)DCkiwi Wrote:
(03-04-2019, 06:25 PM)Cherry67 Wrote: ...
the current measurement resistor

A.K.A the 'shunt'. (something that looks like a short on a multimeter, but is NOT a short...)

anyone else?

I have so much to say ... this is a great thread ... please jump in ... anyone?

So correct, it looks like a short, but is a shunt..... With the IR meter you can see that ROTFL.

I had seen that (Fets in the ground line) already before, but only the thread made me deal with that and indentify it as a nuisance for my system and plans.... So i concluded it may be important enough for others as well.
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