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Questions about 100AH build.
that is great!
Just one more question to understand how it works with the wiring.
If it was B1,B2 on the bottom starting from the 1st series on the left and B3 on the top (as my diagram) would also be correct?
And finally , i solder this to BMS on the center connection of the series? (like my diagram)
Sorry for so many questions but really need to do this correct!
Yes, this should be done correctly. But the spot welding on the second side is where things might get really ugly. Please be very careful.

So far you have three wires correct, two wrong, and two maybe reversed.

suggest you redraw diagram in different style, eg what was suggested earlier. or use colors on corners at least ..
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all systems nominal... rock on.
what wires are wrong and what reserved?You can name them and i can create another diagram
Here's how it should be wired.

Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Thanks for replying Redpacket.
By back side you mean bottom side like in my diagram?if so what exact is wrong besides B3 must be B1?
Isn't my top and bottom side tabwire connections correct?
Thanks so much for taking some time and fix my pic but why you do not use my bottom side pic on the left?
Also are you sure that my B+ and B- are correct?
Feels like i miss some basic facts here but i can easily understand if you point me there  Smile

what about this?
or this in 3d, i do not know if makes it easier to understand
from most -ve to most +ve it goes:


do you own a working voltmeter?

clip (keep attached) the -ve lead on your meter to -ve of battery.

b- should read 0.0v
b1 ~4V
b2 ~8V
b3 ~12V
b+ ~16V

the actual readings are of no importance.  the ONLY thing you need to do is get the SEQUENCE correct.

clearly the diagrams aren't helping -- and that's ok.  lets just try a different approach, rather than repeating here.

I like to check my wiring with a meter, whether or not I have a diagram, whether or not I am sure I have followed it 100%.  Measure twice, cut once.

let's know how you go with your voltmeter and your construction.  we'd love to here of your success.  you're very close!
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all systems nominal... rock on.
DCkiwi thank you again, ofcourse i have voltometer and i  can measure the basics accurate, voltage and current if needed.
You are right that 1st i should connect the cells and take my readings, i just wanted to make sure (if possible) if will be correct cause i do not want to resolder again the cells in case something was wrong, i do not want to push them much with heatin.
I've made already some mistakes and i removed solder on both of them and used sandpaper to prepare them for one good approach this time with no mistakes.
Maybe i can temporally just connect the tab wire with tape and do my readings?  Confused
Or the tab wire in my diagram is accurate so i can solder the tab wires in position and then just play with the BMS?

is this BMS on the pic ok to buy for 4s ?

Actually, will i need a BMS in case i will have a limit on the charge via my victron charge controller? (i was thinking to set 14.6?)

I will let you know, thanks again.
Reason I drew pic that way way I could not tell which way you rotated the pack.
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Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
(01-25-2019, 04:38 AM)Redpacket Wrote: Reason I drew pic that way way I could not tell which way you rotated the pack.

if only you had reversed the wires to the charge controller ... lol.
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all systems nominal... rock on.

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