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Random Power Banks for low-capacity cells
Note: the Samsung-28 cells can handle fine 1A discharge, so since you have 6 in parallel and only a maximum drain of 2A there can be no problems there. From the anomalies you describe you seem to have a problem with the actual circuit.
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I'm having a bit of a trouble with tracking the various boards for this power bank case. So far, I've built power banks using the following three boards (presumably belong on the same line): HKS-806D-2, HKS-806D-2F and HKS-806D-3.
The first one seems to be unable to provide over 1.1A at the 5V output. The second one seems to be working fine, but it's been having trouble detecting when a low-draw device (for example a BT headset) is connected into the USB. The last one seems to be working best, looks like it's probing the output USB every now and then, and even if there's a very low draw device connected, it eventually starts getting power.

So I guess the latest and greatest one is HKS-806D-3, latest one I used had a production date of around May 2018, which however I am unable to find online any more. Anyone has been having any luck? I have enough not-good-enough cells to build around 20 giveaway power banks for friends...
In theory all should handle 2A...but D-2 is designed for low current applications (<1A), D-2F for higher current ones (1-2.1A) and D-3 is the universal/improved version that should work well in most scenarios.
This is all useful information! Do you have links of where you bought the D3 version from?

I've been using 2 cells and 4 cells as giveaways as well, but one person did say his died. I suspected it drained to 0V and killed the cell. I'll post up some photos of my 2 cell versions with some tests. One for maximum output, the other for idle drain.
(02-26-2019, 09:03 PM)not2bme Wrote: This is all useful information! Do you have links of where you bought the D3 version from?

Latest bunch from a random e-bay seller arrived with version 3 board inside, although all photos on the page showed a ver. 2F board. I guess they all now ship the updated version, which does have a drawback, it doesn't seem to be working properly with a couple of USB lights I have around. It switched off after a few seconds for no apparent reason, no matter the intensity of the light.

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