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Recalled batteries - should they be avoided
Over the years there have been some large recalls of laptop batteries.

I have not seen any discussion of these cells on the forum.


While I suspect that some problems would be related to packaging, wiring, BMS, voltages/current used, etc, some problems maybe related to the cells themselves.

Are there certain cells to be looked for and avoided?

If so, should there be a list maintained on the forum to help avoid them?
You'd want to research the recall cause.
Eg the Sony cells with the stray metal fragments could spell some bad outcomes if one did short & catch fire.
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if i remember should be soft cells not 18650
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Generally no, because it's mostly the fault of the battery manufacturer, not the cell manufacturer.

Dell: - connectivity problems (Sony cells) - not actually the cells at fault.

Apple: - they blame Sony cells; Lenovo said cells are fine.

Apple: -  they recalled LGs for overheating

HP: - does not blame/mention cells

As a conclusion, cells are safe as long as you use them properly. Different brands put under the same conditions would most likely yield similar results. 

Further, by talking directly to a battery PCB designer of a top manufacturer, he admitted that a lot of the old safety measures were removed for a better cost efficiency and manufacturing process simplification. Simply said, cell balancing is not what is used to be.

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