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Remotely turn on/off solar
Yeah I might get the shunt eventually as well. The main display without a shunt is definitely not for the OCD at heart. Tongue
Daniel I think you might be a genius sir!!!  (as if watching your YT channel wasn't enough indication Tongue)

Your suggestion to turn down the bypass current from 1.96A (default) MIGHT have permanently fixed my problem.  So far since doing that I have gone almost 24 hours without a problem.  I use to go from every 3 mins (depending on cloud frequency) an issue to almost 24 hours now without a hitch.  I still have no honest idea why THAT would be the thing to fix it, but so far it seems to have been the only thing to have done just that.  Nothing else I've tried so far (swapping out mons, swapping out mon cables, even swapping out entire batteries, etc...) has worked.

If I had to come up with a "post-hypothesis" maybe the splicing I did when I originally bought the batrium changed the delicate resistance of the wires (or fusing limits or whatever).  Or perhaps I used the wrong gauge or material (aluminium instead of copper or whatever).  I don't claim to know the intricacies of wiring anyway, but I did try to use the exact wiring I could find for splicing.  Hmm... so maybe lowering the bypass a bit brings down the sensitivity of other the mons to the wires or vice versa.  Or maybe it's a heat thing.  Also, I don't even have to come down to .96, it still seems to work at 1.5A.  As long as I don't go all the way back to the default to 1.96A it seems to be fine.

Either way I will continue monitoring closely but this looks very hopeful!  Thank you!!
2A bypass is its max current and that require active cooling with for instance fans.

0.96 is what i found works best with original wires without extra cooling. extending the wires also adds resistance and impedance and that potentially will or can cause issues especially if any wires are shared. Then running it at 2A for sure demands that you know what you doing.

So my recomendation is to stay at 1A current max since then you can bypass close to 100% duty cycle and it should work. If that doesnt work you need to talk to Batrium directly.

YW if this then helped you
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Makes sense.  Also the more in balance my cells become the less I need so much bypass current.

Of course it WAS the batrium that caused them to go so far out of balance in the first place.  Rolleyes

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