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[SELLING] 3S40P 100Ah on brand new samsung 29E-7 Cells
Hi all, 

I am having a change of project, So I have a 709A spot welder (with soldering iron) and 3s40p 2900mah battery pack in a 19" rack case for sale. There are also another 14 of the 2900mah cells. 

They have never been charged/discharged. All are at float voltage (3.6V). The capacity at 4.1V is 100Ah (2500mah each cell). The pack has been designed to put out 100 amps continuous. Each cell is capable of 8.25 amps, but they are fused at 5 amps each. 

The cells cost me £2 each (from NKON.NL), so just the 134 cells cost £268. There is then the spot welder, which was another £150. The case was £30, then there are 35 spare 4x10 cell holders, which were about another £30. 

There is no BMS. You will need to add one.

I can deliver anywhere within 100 miles of Essex. I won't courier this, as they will chuck it about and break it.......

£370 for the lot.

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