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[SELLING] EU : lots of 100 Laptop batteries in France
Hello, i have for sale lots of 100  Laptop batteries (random brands), but always a minimum of 600 cells to harvest.

Pick up preferred near Paris or Orléans (France).

Delivery all over Europe through, from my home to your home.
Check this site, very cheap and reliable (with assurance) delivery.

Price is 200 euros for 100 batteries.

i was vey lucky to find tose batteries, and hope you will enjoy too.

Best regards

(batteries are sold "as is", no test was done but i yet harvested more than 10 000 cells calibrated for my powerwall).
How much is it to have them delievered to Germany? I would have looked it up myself on the website you have linked but it don't speak french Smile
Where is your home, or delivery point?
And how much lots are you interested in?
Hilden is the name of the town. If you need a specific address then I will send you a private message. I guess one or two lots will be interesting.
i did a simulation on

the proposal is 36euros + 8 euros insurance for 1 or 2 packs

i did a mistake :
36 + 8 for 1pack
63 + 13 for two packs or more
Sadly that makes it a bit too expensive but it is still a good offer if someone could pick it up at your place!
I understand you.
Someone who pick up at my place has to drive (in your case) 1220 kilometers round trip.

44 euros is not the cost of fuel.
not saying tolls and time.

Best regards.
i wish you the best.
Interested I PMed you
Why the hell on earth are the Franchise soo...... They don't want too speak English.

Shit website!
Hi Sabado,
I am French, living in Lozere (48)
Do you still have laptop battery to sell ?

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